Becca T.San Anselmo, CA

A friend of mine broke the glass for my bedside table and ordered a replacement through GG glass. Unfortunately, he nor I are up to date on the correct terminology for ordering glass and thus the piece turned out a little bit incorrect (there are a lot of types of rounded edges apparently!). When I went to pick it up the staff was very nice and asked me to check the measurements for the round edges and they would re-cut it. After a few email back and forth they sent it out again and I it was re-cut. Upon going to pick it up today they told me it was free of charge! So sweet of them! I would definitely go back for any other glass needs.

Shimmy S. El Cerrito, CA

I manage a small office in SOMA and one of our glass panels shattered. I called a few places and it was quite hard to schedule an estimate let alone the repair itself. Golden Gate glass called me back very quickly and scheduled an appointment for the next day. JC came out, on time and was professional and quick. They gave me a quote a few hours later which was very competitive. I called to schedule the repair and made an appointment for their first availability which was about five days later. The next morning I get a call and JC had just finished a job early in the neighborhood and could stop by. He came 20min later and completed the repair in under two hours! He was clean and worked fast. He was super friendly and answered my questions about the process in a way I could understand. Even helped me fix another small door issue we were having! Thanks! Would use this company again!

Mark T. Santa Cruz, CA

Excellent service install and reasonable. Very experienced and handling heavy plate glass mirrors.

Patrick E.San Francisco, CA

I called around to get an estimate for some mirrors for my business and these guys were awesome. Great prices, I will be placing an order soon. Thanks!

Emilie M.San Francisco, CA

Excellent! I inquired about replacing the hazy mirror in my silver antique sunburst framed mirror. After giving the size, Margie gave me a quote for a 1/8" thick mirror. I brought it 2 days later and was attended by Stephanie who took measurements and gave my item to one of the guys. In 30 minutes, I have a new, modern and contemporary looking sunburst mirror. We looked at it and all 3 were pleased with the transformation - by simply replacing the mirror! I can see myself clearly now

Phil H.San Francisco, CA

From the moment they picked up the phone, my experience was fantastic with Golden Gate Glass! I had a small window damaged in the recent storm. It required custom handling. Golden Gate was swift in their response, extremely professional, and 100% competent! I highly recommend them.

Robert R.Robert R.

THEY ARE GREAT. Very responsive to my needs. We had our house burgled and windows broken and they squeezed us into their tight schedule to make sure our house was protected. And, they gave us good advice on what to do - advice which did not benefit them.

P S.San Francisco, CA

When would-be burglars broke a 90 year old door pane in my home, I thought it would be impossible to match the pattern of the translucent glass. When I called, GGG, however, I discovered that although the glass was no longer made, they had in stock some salvaged glass of the same design. They came out the same day and replaced the pane in 1 hour, which included to time needed to remove the mailbox and a plexiglass panel. throughout the process the staff was courteous and smart. Overall, the service was outstanding and I recommend GGG highly

Jackie C.San Francisco, CA

I'm so pleased with my experience with Golden Gate Glass. I have two Great Danes that did a number on my bay windows in the front of my house. Being on a semi busy street, it was dangerous to have a cracked window that could fall. They were able to promptly replace them for a very reasonable price. I was very satisfied, then about 6 months later I noticed some molding around the window had fallen out and the window was a little loose. Totally my dogs fault, not theirs. I called them on a Wednesday afternoon, and they were there early the next morning to reinforce the window free of charge even though it wasn't normal wear and tear. In addition, they have the friendliest, nicest team. They couldn't be more accommodating. I highly, highly recommend these guys.

Jennifer H.San Francisco, CA

Golden Gate Glass quickly measured and installed a small kitchen window for us - Everything from initial quote to install was smooth and professional. Thank you!

Lena J.San Francisco, CA

These folks repaired the sash cords and replaced the glass in two panes of window in my 1920's house. The repair was made quickly and looks great. I appreciated how easy this process was. Their pricing was very competitive and they took a credit card for payment, which was great. They also handled a custom mirror for the bathroom. The end product looks great! Unfortunately, some measurement numbers were mucked up during their ordering process and the mirror came in too long. I wasn't happy about the delay (and multiple install appointments) but Margie and Brian worked to make it right. I would use them again. Good people even when there is a snafu.